Santee 2C4 Handmade Professional Saxophones

Introducing the Santee 2C4 line of professional handmade saxophones. Their responsiveness and dynamic range are like nothing you've ever experienced. Take your playing to the next level with a 2C4!

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Individually soldered key post example on a Santee 2C4 Pro-Fusion saxophone


Where most manufacturers use ribbed construction, we Individually solder nearly all key posts. This lets the instrument vibrate more freely, giving you more projection and increased dynamic range.



Keywork also features adjustable left hand  A and B and right hand D, E and F that feature rubber o-rings that we've found help prevent the displacement of adjustment screws due to vibration.

Santee 2C4 Pro-Fusion Keywork


The 2C4 also features styled keys. This is a more refined version of the traditional saxophone key design and makes for a stunning appearance.

Tenor case included w/Santee tenors made starting in 2021

In 2021 we switched from a synthetic leather softside case to GL hardshell cases. Altos and tenors will include their carbon fiber pattern contoured cases, and sopranos will include their Combi cases (which feature a combination lock and 3 interchangeable modular exterior compartments). These cases are the best cases we've seen–we think you'll really like them!

Santee 2C4VB Vintage/Black Tenor


Every Santee saxophone is hand-made by skilled craftsmen in Taiwan. Necks are then customized by Aaron Santee (hand-beveled where air enters to reduce turbulence). Each instrument features elaborately hand engraved scrollwork, vines and beautiful flowers. The black mother of pearl finger buttons are lightly textured to help prevent slipping. We believe that we've also produced an instrument that is extremely comfortable to play. Tapered pivot screws and premium blued steel needle springs are used for solid/nimble key action. The new 2C4 line is also constructed with lead-free solder. We also use premium black Pisoni Pro Italian leather pads equipped metal resonators for increased projection.

AVAILABLE FINISHES: Silver plate with black nickel plated keys, black nickel plate with rose gold anodized keys and our Vintage finish which has black nickel plated keywork. All of our finishes have a final coating of clear lacquer.



Sax Alley

Windsor, Co

* Timothy Glesmann helped in the 2C4's design by providing feedback on prototype models.

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